living by those miserable lies

brazilian users, add glassgrrl.

+ brown and red hair + brown eyes + fake blue eyes + 1,74 m + about 55kg + graphic design student + strange + stupid + living by those miserable lies...

my fotolog page: ||meaningless narcisism exercise||
afghan hound, all star, angelic layer, anime, anne rice, arcade, atari, autumn, backpacks, berserk, black, black hair, blue, blue eyes, books, brazil, captain jack sparrow, castles, cats, cherries, cherry, chobits, chocolate, cinema, coke, combat boots, contact lenses, converse, cooking, cosplay, costumes, counter-strike, cute acessories, d&d, daydreaming, dead people, demons, design, dido, digicams, dogs, dragon force, drawing, dreamcast, dvds, edgar alan poe, edward scissorhands, enemy at the gates, eyeliner, fantasy, fashion, friends, games, ghosts, good charlotte, graphic design, grey eyes, gunbound, hair dye, harley quinn, hellsing, hot dog, hq, ice-cream, illustration, internet, johnny depp, karekano, key the metal idol, knights, l'arc~en~ciel, makeup, malcolm in the middle, manga, master system, mean people, mega drive, michelle branch, militar uniform, movies, mp3s, music, my boyfriend, mythology, neil gaiman, one tree hill, oscar wilde, panties, paranormal, phantasy star, photograph, photoshop, pin ups, pirates, playstation 2, pop art, pump it up, queen, red, red hot chili peppers, rock, rpg, ruins, rurouni kenshin ovas, sandman, sega, sega saturn, sex, short hair, skies of arcadia, sleeping, socks, sonic, soul calibur, spikes, stars, stylish clothes, stylish people, sushi, t.a.t.u., tchaikovsky, the smiths, to sleep, unbreakable, uniform style, vampires, vassili zaitsev, videogames, violins, vivaldi, webcam, weblogs, winter, world history, xxx, yoshitaka amano, zines.